About US

Who we are

We are a small, tight-knit team of consultants who prefer to work together as we believe this adds value to our customer. Most of our experience come from companies which are not consultancy firms, and we see this as highly beneficial as we have real experience in the long-term effects of the work we do. We understand the importance of creating results which last, and have through our working life perfected this skill. We have the ambition to choose assignments where we believe we have a potential to make a difference to the business and we will make sure we do everything in our power to achieve that once taking on an assignment.

We make it our mission to go all in to help our customer, with 100% focus to create real momentum. In our mind, engaging your employees by using their knowledge to drive the work forward is the way to create a long lasting results.

We believe we have succeeded when we have made us dispensable, and leave you with an improved business.

Who our customers are

Our customers are mainly small and medium sized businesses, both companies and authorities. Our base is in Stockholm, Linköping and Germany but we are open to assignments elsewhere as well. Most importantly, our customers expect more from us than a paper product

Our Consultants

Predrag Pucar

Management consultant with 20 years experience and deep expertise in management of tech companies.


Experience in short

+ - COO of a Start-Up
I have been with InviSense AB from March 2021 with the goal to develop the company to a profitable and sustainable business.
+ - Board Member of an SME
As a CEO i have been working with a German Board of Directors. They have had their roots in AUDI AG, which has led to valuable insights in how they view on investments and how the business shall be run by a CEO. Recently I have been incorporated as an ordinary Board Member of NIRA Dynamics AB and my first task was to recruit a CEO for the company, which was finalized in August 2020.
+ - CEO of a dynamic innovative company​
Taking a company with 35 million SEK in revenues, a result of 123 SEK and approximately 20 employees to a company in excellent shape with 100 employees and 40 consultants, has been enriching and the most fun part of my career, and proves my ability to deliver actual result. Now the company has a revenue of over 250 million SEK and a margin of about 40% (see allabolag.se for a reference). I have furthermore learned the interplay between the MD and the Board of Directors (in my case from Germany).
+ - Various Managerial Roles in a large Engineering Company
I had several managerial roles, the extremes being line manager for 130 people, deputy project manager for an aircraft project working with 400 people on site plus a large number of suppliers, and at the end being the Chief Engineer for a completely new Swedish fighter aircraft Gripen E/F. This period gave me a deeper understanding of how different functions in a company work. During this period, I also finalized my MBA.
+ - Aeronautical Engineer
I have developed systems and software for real. Working in processes (both efficient and non-efficient), getting a feeling for team dynamics, understanding how much more there is apart from the core functionality that needs to be in place for a product to fly, have all been invaluable experiences.
+ - PhD Studies
I learned the handicraft of research, how to attack complex problems in a structured way, how to use existing knowledge as a foundation, apply and extend it on a specific problem at hand.

Sandra Appleby

Management consultant with six years of experience and expertise in project management and Board/Investor communication.


Experience in short

+ - Management Trainee/CEO Assistant
I have worked as a Management trainee/CEO assistant during 5 yrs in a company growing from SEK 450m turnover to SEK 2bn. During this journey I have been a part of the management team and been responsible for communication to board and investors. This work has included leading the preparation of board meetings, participating in high level strategy development, business plans, preparing information memorandums to investors to attract capital injections, as well as managing larger investments and due diligence processes.
+ - Project Management
As a project manager in both large and small cross functional projects, most of my projects have aimed to create a change for the better. However, the areas for improvement have been quite different spanning from payment solutions, opening new warehouses, decreasing waste, to implementing GDPR etc. This has given me skill to lead most types of projects.
+ - Business Development
I have been responsible for a business development function and implemented several new services to private consumers. I worked end-to-end, from negotiating contracts with new partners and navigating in the legal landscape to implementing and managing the new service
+ - University Studies
My studies focused on the intercept between business and technology through courses in engineering, biotechnology, financial engineering, project management and business. I studied at Linköping University and at Stern School of Business in New York, one of the top-rated business schools in the US.
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