Our Service Areas

Interim Consultant

When an employee is temporarily out of office or there is a vacant position which needs to be covered during the recruitment process, an interim consultant can often be the best solution. We have a broad experience from a variety of positions and can take interim assignments within following roles: CEO, Quality Manager, Project Office Manager, Business Development Manager, Product Officer/Manager, Research and Development Manager, Project Manager

Managing Change

When company management is busy managing the operational everyday business, outside help can be a great way to raise the business to a higher level. DIXOR can support with elevating the daily operational business to the next level and through this enable the company to utilize the existing competence to a higher degree. The support can be delivered in form of guidance, and/or through active participation in a change process or project. DIXOR co-workers bring their own hands on experience from managing change within large and small companies. We know what is required to reach the next level, how to create long-term result, how to do add or preserve the dynamics of a small organization when growing without losing the creativity.

Resource Support

Sometimes the pressure builds up and an extra pair of hands are needed for a limited period of time. DIXOR can step in and provide the hands-on support needed. We take assignments where we can focus 100% on the task and then we go all in to create the needed momentum. We are happy to help with any work package which is within our competencies and where we can significantly contribute.

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